EDITORIAL, Issue #20 (Design: Architecture, Product, Art)

Text: Mrinalini Ghadiok

This issue marks the 20th of our collection; is the first edition of our fourth year running, and celebrates among these milestones our profound interest in enquiry and observation with respect to design.

This issue raises questions about the integrity of our understanding of architecture, the elements of its composition and the details of its construct. An immersive conversation with the dynamic architect

EDITORIAL, Issue #19 (Artistic Narrative of Design)

Text: Mrinalini Ghadiok

3 is the first number to signify a ‘whole’, one that has a beginning, middle and end. As the Triad, it holds the universal power of heaven, earth and water, and as human, that of the body, spirit and soul. Therefore, 3 is a significant milestone.

mondo*arc india turns 3 with this issue! And to celebrate this benchmark, we couldn’t but include the body, spirit and soul of architecture, represented through an ‘Artistic Narrative of Design’. While the body and spirit

Why Drawing?

Text: Gautam Bhatia

Today there are two kinds of architectural drawings: messy unreadable working drawings produced on the computer and printer, full of lines, numbers and professional notations – drawings that architects make for the building contractor; or presentation drawings – deep shaded houses set in lush landscapes or glass malls and apartment complexes set on wide parking tarmacs, drawings that architects make for their clients. Although both carry similar information, one represents what the client

The other side of dreams

Text: Amit Gupta

“Each man should frame life so that at some future hour fact and his dreaming meet,” said Victor Hugo. Do dreams ever meet reality? My daughter at the age of seven wrote, “Dreams can never become reality because if they do, you have stopped dreaming”

20 years ago, in the middle of comfortable corporate careers, a dream made us restless and vis a vis was born. It was conceived as a platform that showcased Indian talent fostering creativity and innovation, enabled collaborations between the talent