Text: Devyani Jayakar

Packing homages, tributes and inspirations into a home for himself in Edinburgh, Richard Murphy has had the luxury of fine-tuning details and lavishing an extraordinary amount of attention on this extraordinary structure with a rather small footprint. Devyani Jayakar of mondo*arc india|STIR examines the amazing made-to-order functionality of these spaces.


Text: Mrinalini Ghadiok

While catering to a brief entrenched in the idiosyncrasies of Indian tradition, ancient mythology and fabled art, Kaaru delivers a design that is astute, an aesthetic that is contemporary, a space that is receptive and an experience that is ethereal. Architect Sanjib Chatterjee discusses the mind behind the matter with Mrinalini Ghadiok of mondo*arc india|STIR.

VILLA VIEWS the family home of osvaldo borsani

Text: Sandeep Khosla

While visiting the Salone Del Mobile in Milan earlier this year, Bengaluru based architect, Sandeep Khosla had the rare opportunity to visit this famed estate. Khosla recounts his experience of fabulous spaces, flourishing interiors and fascinating details as he traipses through the villa, exclusively for mondo*arc india|STIR.