mondomoment is a definitive moment in a design process that exemplifies the interaction of light and space captured in time.

mondomoment is a concept by mondo*arc india which appears as the last page in each issue of the magazine.

A particular moment in time in which you observe an interesting quality of light in a given space; the way light falls in a space; an interplay of light and darkness, light and shade, or light and shadow.

The source could be natural light or artificial light. It could be in the day or after dark. It is a moment that catches your eye, a moment that halts you in your steps. A moment that makes you pause, observe and freeze time in an image.

We invite photographs from creative individuals – artists, photographers, designers, architects, students, amateurs…anyone with a camera, who has been able to capture that moment for themself.

Send us your mondomoment photograph along with a brief description telling us why it is the perfect mondomoment for you.